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Afterschool Mountain Biking

Quick Details

**Younger ages available upon request**

1 Session
Full Month (4 Sessions)

After-school Kids Mountain Biking

Gear Up for Adventure! Join Our After-School Mountain Bike Program for Kids!

Calling all young thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts! Discover the joy of off-road biking with our exciting After-School Mountain Bike Program designed just for kids!

Explore the Great Outdoors: Escape the confines of the classroom and embark on a journey through nature’s playground. Our program takes place in stunning local trails, where kids can breathe in fresh air and experience the exhilaration of mountain biking.

Master Essential Skills: Whether your child is a beginner or an aspiring pro, our experienced instructors will guide them through the fundamentals of mountain biking. From bike safety and proper technique to navigating trails and conquering obstacles, our program builds confidence and skills for a lifetime of two-wheeled adventures.

Build Friendships and Team Spirit: The best memories are made with friends! Our program fosters a supportive community where kids can forge lasting friendships, share the thrill of conquering trails together, and celebrate each other’s successes.

Connect with Nature: In a world dominated by screens, our program encourages kids to unplug and connect with the natural world. Experience the serenity of the outdoors, witness breathtaking scenery, and develop a deep appreciation for the environment.

Fun and Fitness Combined: Say goodbye to sedentary afternoons! Our program not only provides a fun and exciting outlet for energy but also promotes physical fitness, coordination, and a healthy lifestyle. Watch as your child’s confidence and fitness levels soar!

Parent-Friendly Schedule: We understand the demands of modern family life. Our program offers convenient after-school hours, allowing parents to pick up their young adventurers with ease.

Enroll Today! Spaces Are Limited: Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to experience the thrill of mountain biking. Limited spots are available, so secure your child’s place in our After-School Mountain Bike Program now!


This adventure is for BEGINNERINTERMEDIATE or EXPERIENCED leveled riders. The experience level for a specific day will be noted on the calendar. Please contact us if you would like to set up a custom trip for a rider of another ability level. We will ride at Oak Mountain State Park or Red Mountain Park. Treeline can not pick-up students at individual schools. Below is a list a our usual pick-up locations. Riders from other areas can meet us at our riding locations if they want to ride with us. Each rider must supply their own bike and helmet.

Ability Levels:

Experienced – able to ride blue level trails and has the stamina to ride 15-20 miles

Intermediate – able to ride blue level trails and has the stamina to ride up to 10 miles

Beginner – new to mountain biking, needs to learn basic skills, not sure of rider’s stamina for mileage

Drop-off Locations:

3:15 – Canterbury Park (by Mountain Brook Elementary)

  • 2900 Overhill Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223

3:30 – Piggly Wiggly parking lot (in Homewood by Shades Cahaba Elementary)

  • 3000 Montgomery Hwy, Homewood, AL 35209

Pick-up Information:

6:00 pick-up at Mountain Brook Elementary (parking lot by the tennis courts)

  • 3020 Cambridge Rd, Mountain Brook, AL 35223